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Had a blast hosting this game and jamming with my musical fam! Love these people with all of my heart. Glad to have these talented peeps on my channel after a long time! So happy to have my sisters here as well!

Watch the Disney Song Challenge with Aladdin and Young Elsa here:

Tori Kelly @torikelly

TJ Brown @tjbrownmusic

Jasmine Rafael @jasminejrafael

Justine Rafael @rustinejafael @justineyweeny (IG)

AJ Rafael @ajrafael

If you’re reading all of this… give a thumbs up on the video and leave a comment below that includes the phrase “rock on” hahah

Additional music/sfx provided by epidemicsound.com

Nguồn: https://livroseversos.com/

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33 thoughts on “90's Kid Song Challenge – Jasmine & Tori Kelly vs TJ Brown & Justine | AJ Rafael

  1. Wew this kind of jam will just make you stay on a corner and silently wishing that u had those voice too 😅

  2. That This I Promise You cover at the end was so good. The harmonies and background vocals were pleasing to the ears. <3

  3. This fake 90s kid filipino have know idea in 90s song.if you're a legit 90s kid you know the 90s song not the 2000s song.LOGIC

  4. OMGGGGGG!!! I dyed laughing 😂 This was sooooo hilarious 😂 Gooooo Tori!!!! She's soooo freakin adorable!!!!! lol. She had me laughing 😂 l love you so much Tori!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. I was born in the 2000’s so currently I know Destiny’s Child but Never Knew the Song when I was a Young Lad 😂

  6. It's a long shot but pleaaase someone tell me you notice at 5:15 when Tori laughs by herself when the other girl couldn't pronounce Aladdin. I've been laughing at this for 10 minutes

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