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33 thoughts on “Bengals vs. Ravens Week 17, 2017 FULL Game: The Bengals 4th Down Miracle!

  1. I remember attending this game, our seats were around the 20 yard line. It was freezing but the crowed was hype and the beers keep us warm. Ravens offense also keeping our heart rates up all game but 4th quarter was looking okay. Then that 3rd & 7 (2:19:48) happened. I said “oh sh*t” along with quite a few people around me knowing the bagels weren’t going to give up. The guy in front of us said “why are y’all tripping, there’s not time left”. FF to the end of the game, “that’s why Steve, that was the concern. We missed the playoffs…”

  2. I’m a Ravens fan but I laughed at Harbaugh freaking out at Sarah Thomas at 2:25 and her just standing there ignoring him. 😂 Way to keep your cool. 👍

  3. Don't get me wrong. I like the Ravens and felt bad for them. But I was so happy for the Bills that I cried, and I'm not even a Bills fan. My stepmom is from upstate NY and has always loved the Bills, and I know the pain that Bills fan have gone through for the previous few decades. They deserved their playoff spot.

  4. This game ruined Flacco’s career. It was his last chance to shine in the playoffs but his defence blew it

  5. This was my favorite week of all time in the NFL. When you have four teams separately playing games at the same time with implications for two playoff spots felt beyond exhilaration to me and others I was around at the time. I knew that Tennessee Titans and Buffalo Bills would make the playoffs. When Tyler Boyd caught the ball on 4th and 12, I immediately started to jump up and down and started screaming at the top of my lungs. And it is ironic to be doing that as a Patriots fan who’s born in the state of New York.

  6. I was at this game we swore it was all before he caught that pass and score 🤦🏾‍♂️never forget

  7. 2:19:48 thats why we lost, Flacco should have kept the clock running. Just look at his face. Im grateful for all Flacco did, he was durable and won when it counted most. But i do appreciate the change that has been made.

  8. Than Buffalo fans laughed at Ravens all off-season than got blown to hell by the Ravens in Week 1 of 2018 with Ravens winning 48-3 LMAO

  9. This was hella funny. What made it even better seeing all the sad faces of the Ravens Fans at work the next day 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. I was at this game and it was cold as hell, New Years plan was canceled! Was too heartbroken, but now we have Lamar 👏🏽💯

  11. How much did this hurt? Hurt enough that I contemplated to never watch them ever again. I wasn’t gonna go root for another team but I was literally gonna distance myself from watching football. It was the only time I ever felt depressed at a New Years party

  12. A person could actually have themselves a drinking game by taking a shot for every time the studio and announcers kept saying if Baltimore wins they will go to the playoffs. As well as all the scenarios of making the playoffs and all the other game's scores and updates.

  13. Wtf was Canady doing? If he doesn’t turn his back like a retard that’s a pick. Glad they got rid of that bum

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