Dad is always watching…waiting…teleporting. One wrong move and he’ll bust us for looking at anime babes.

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Itro – Panda [NCS Release]

Nguồn: https://livroseversos.com/

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30 thoughts on “DAD WALKS IN ON ANIME BAPS – Busted Gameplay

  1. This entire game is me at 3am when I was a teen but the dad is my paranoia that my parents would catch me.

  2. If my dad kept busting in my room like that I will tell him to leave me alone and give me a break that be very annoying

  3. Who spends days watching pornography
    Then again why is the dad appear in the closet that is a mystery of life that we will never know

  4. Captainsauce: I don't need to censor anything
    Me: actually I have something to add to that you don't have to censor anything and your viewers get a treat for their eyes

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