The Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 32-14, in Week 13 of the 2016 NFL season!

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21 thoughts on “Eagles vs. Bengals | NFL Week 13 Game Highlights

  1. Everyone in the comments section – the Philadelphia Eagles 🦅 are your reigning SUPERBOWL champions so please reread your comments and bold predictions and delete your accounts since none of you trolls have a clue about football.

    Fly Eagles Fly.

    Trust the Process.

    In Wentz we Trust.

  2. the eagles went into the jungle that day and got mauled, in life & in football, it's attack or submit, they submitted this game

  3. Check out Wentz's first play where he tucks it and runs… at 0:22 Vontaz Burfict is chasing him.. during that play you can clearly see Zach Ertz (#86) totally dodging Burfict.. instead of blocking for his QB??!! Damn. dude was obviously scared of getting popped, no other explanation

  4. I see alot of potential in Wentz like a rookie RG3…if Wentz would just play smarter he could be a top QB in the league.

  5. Remember when the Eagles blew out the Steelers 34-3 with a healthy Steelers team?

    Now you sort of wonder how that was even possible.

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