The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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44 thoughts on “Eagles vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 11 Game Highlights

  1. Man I love watching Dak throw into double or triple coverage when he’s under the slightest amount of pressure

  2. Just revisiting old Eagles games. Well what do you know, Cowboys scored 9pts then as well. This is what a healthy Eagles team will do to you. Don't forget!!!!!!!

  3. I'm not an Eagles fan but I came back here to have fun. These Eagles were so much fun to watch. Legarrette Blount was a beast that season.

  4. I'm still watching this in the 2019 season, because this season is going south…what's missing this season is turn-overs and dropped passes, not enough TO, and too many dropped passes

  5. I miss these days where everyone thought Wentz was better than Prescott and the eagles were a Super Bowl but unfortunately we have to see Dallas be great and we have to believe dak is better than Carson

  6. Anyone else here after the 2019 Eagles vs Cowboys game just trying to remember when we used to have a functional team with heart?

  7. if only the eagles were still this good I'm literally watching this after todays game because it's so sad :((

  8. rewatching the whole superbowl run and i am astound by jason kelce at 3:33. He was gaining a Tight end and was faster than 70% of the players on the field.

  9. Just looking back at how healthy we were vs how banged up we were last year with no running backs
    I can’t wait to go punch them in the mouth again

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