Two of the league’s young star QBs go head to head as the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys in Week 8.

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38 thoughts on “Eagles vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 8 Game Highlights

  1. My Team wins Super Bowl Carson Wentz is my QuarterBack Eagles Dak Prescott doesn't not beating my team

  2. How much did Jerry pay those refs for that first play fumble? Then the 6 no calls and the bullshit call on philly's 75 yd td run. Wtf. Eagles proved they were the better team that day but the fix was on before they got on the field. And dallas proved they were frauds in the playoffs.

  3. Ohh man I miss Dez, some miracle happens and next year we have Dez and Amari. Only if…
    Boy Can Always Dream

    QB- Prescott 4
    RB- Elliot 21
    WR- Bryant 88
    WR- Cooper 19
    WR- Beasley 11
    WR- Austin 10
    TE- Swaim 87
    LT- Smith 77
    LG- Sua’Filo 76
    C- Fredrick 72
    RG- Martin 72
    RT – Collins 71

    Dear Lord, please please please

  4. Hey guys,

    This happened a couple of years ago the 1st time Dak Prescott & Carson Wentz met in the BIG D

    The score was tied 23-23 at the end of regulation and then Dallas won the Coin Toss on OVERTIME and Prescott even convert on 4th & 1 and then threw the GW-TD to Jason Witten in 7:12 and that was the last season for OT to have 15:00

    2 years later, the same thing, the score was tied 23-23 at the end of regulation and then Dallas once again won the Coin Toss and Prescott once again converted on 4th & 1 and then after the 2:00 Warning, it only took 5 seconds for Prescott to throw the GW-TD to Amari Cooper and the Cowboys won it in 8:05 and not only is Dak Prescott 2-2 over Carson Wentz in the BIG D in OVERTIME, but for the 1st time since 2012, the Cowboys have SWEPT the Eagles


    What a game!

  5. Same score tonight. Overtime, Dallas wins the toss, goes down, converted a 4th and one again (two years ago it was a QB sneak) this time with Zeke. And a walk off TD pass to win

  6. Watched this after the Cowboys whooped that ass at Philly this past Sunday night. Dak head to head vs Wentz is 2-1. The other two games didn't count. One Dak didn't play but a few snaps and the other Wentz"s backup took his role. Technically. 3-2 Dak Prescott 💪

  7. who knew that Dez Bryant would have an Achilles is first week actually his first day with New Orleans Saints

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