Kelly Clarkson hit all the high notes in order to help Judd Apatow out with a special gift for his wife, Leslie Mann, to celebrate 23 years of marriage! Judd tells Kelly to bust out her vocal gymnastics and she definitely shows off some wild tricks as she serenades Leslie! Tune into the show to see the whole moment in action!

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50 thoughts on “Hear Kelly Belt The Heck Out Of Anniversary Song Judd Apatow Wrote For Wife Leslie

  1. Honestly, please stop with that annoying subscribe to my channel stuff…. after listening to you sing it just breaks my heart to hear that stuff (I have some salty words but probably not a good place to use them)

  2. Of course, the master for that singing are the voices of Christina Aguilera, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Dorinda Clark Cole, Karen Clark Sheard, and any other black female gospel singer! They would nail it if they sang something like that!

  3. How am always surprised every time kelly casually nailed the high note as if it's nothing? What?!! "higher…higher…higher" thats just me yelling & throwing things to this

  4. Nothing like being asked to do something that could go either way! She nailed it. What a good sport you are ms. K.

  5. Must have been so hard since shes getting divorced. She is All class. Hope she finds better love in future

  6. I love how 7 people don't like it. This was fun and refreshing, but 7 people prob think, Oh, rich people complaining about not being able to buy rich people shit and also can ask another rich pers-bla bla bla. Neither of these people were born a Vanderbilt or a Trump. They are talented as fuck and also had a bit of luck. Luck is luck. Being found is hard work an luck. They make my life better on many occasions with their talents.

  7. Kelly’ I have written a sung with your voice singing it in my head. I can sing but I want a little bit of Rock tune in it and you can do it. So halla Back this is real. It’s just for you.

  8. How awkward for her to have to sing this while going through what she’s going through?? And yet she here she is KILLING it. A true artist and person of great character and strength. I really admire Kelly C.❤️

  9. This is actually sad considering she's in the middle of a divorce. Of course she not only held her shit together, but killt it💕

  10. I felt disrespected when she literally executed the notes savagely like that and then suddenly talk as if it was nothing and then back at it again hmmm

    1:25 = omg that’s amazing!!
    2:03 = WHAT?!
    2:13 = I mean she’s incredibly talented
    2:28 = * my hear left the chat *

  12. lol was this taped after she filed for divorce or before? Awkward to be singing a song to celebrate someone else's marriage when you just filed

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