Jennifer Garner and Kelly Clarkson remember how they met on “Hollywood Game Night” and reminisce about being an incredibly competitive team.

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43 thoughts on “Jennifer Garner and Kelly Get Scarily Competitive | The Kelly Clarkson Show

  1. This clip is hilarious 🤣🤣! KC is just no joke😂 HAHAHAHAHA HOW COMPETITIVE!😎 love this side of you.😂

  2. This video makes me want to jog with so much adreline just watching them with this much energy. i love them both.

  3. Before, Jenn explained what "One-Night Ultimate Werewolf" was, I had a mental image of her and the kids dressing up like either the three little pigs or Little Red Riding Hood running and hiding from either her or one of the kids dressed up as the Big-Bad-Wolf. Like Manhunt, but with fairy-tale cosplaying. I hope that doesn't sound crazy, does that sound crazy?

  4. Jennifer said, "Don't wear caring on your face." HAHAHAAAAA That's so true! My 5-year-old is the exact same way with food.

  5. That was freaking awesome! I have totally fallen in love with Kelly. I always loved her songs and talent but now I love her! SO REAL! I also now know why so many love Jennifer. I never "got" it. I saw she was pretty and sweet but she is really funny! Such a wonderful interview!❤

  6. I love this interview😍💕. They both are so funny love it 😍🤣🤣 Kelly is such an awesome host and so gorgeousss and Jennifer's sooo beautiful and jen's awesome platform.

  7. OMG I for a minute thought I was watching this on fast forward or something..My eye balls nearly popped out shifting from Kelly to Jennifer to Kelly to Jennifer..Damn Kelly Clarkson you talk like a tape being fast fowarded.

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