In the latest Thirsty Thursday, Kelly Clarkson plays a hilarious round of “Last Time I…” from her bathtub alongside her husband, Brandon, and their daughter, River.


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26 thoughts on “Kelly Plays ‘Last Time I’ For Family Game Night | Thirsty Thursday | Digital Exclusive

  1. Please calm down and not be so loud and overly talkative. AND not everything is funny and must be laughed at especially swinging your head up down right left. Calm down a bit.

  2. Heard he was cheating on her, according to Perez and sources in Tennessee. He cheated on his first wife

  3. I think about this episode every time I think of her getting divorced 😭 I just can't believe it. They just bought that ranch and the way the look and speak to each other. Ugh I wish she would release a statement and say APRIL FOOLS

  4. I say he did something bad. It was rumored he was having an affair years ago. So she probably found out. Who knows. She looks so happy here. WTF

  5. This is what I'm talking about. They looked so happy and In love last month. So something bad must have happened. I def believe she found out he was having an affair. It's the only reason for her to get out of Montana and fly to la and take her kids with her and file for divorce. And she cited irreconcilable differences. I mean what else would it be. Wow. Stay strong Kelly 💙❌⭕🙏

  6. Kelly, you and your husband need watch this video again. Divorce is so hard. Divorce with kids is harder. I am a nobody that unless there was an affair or physical abuse am telling you you can work past it. Try to go to counseling, try classes. Try whatever you can because you two are going to live your worst nightmare once you really start this divorce thing. I am praying for you!! Life is tough man. Relationships are tougher. This video makes me sad to know this is ending for you. You guys seem so great together. We lose each other just living life and I can only imagine with the lives you two lead that it would be extra hard for that not to happen. But, you have no idea what you are fixing to live. Sharing kids is hard. Seeing your ex with someone else and having your kids spend time as a family with them is tough. I mean it can work out but it is a helluva ride to get it to work out sometimes. I am so sorry you are going through this, this is like a death in alot of ways. Keep strong!! You will get through it.

  7. Watching this makes me wonder what the heck happened!!! Seems like everything is fine in this video. So sad!!

  8. Kelly could you please let your fans know if this is true or not I don't wear my wedding ring all the time you do have to take it off to have it cleaned and to add more to it


  10. YouTube is so messy, this video is suggested after their divorce lol . I wish them luck, I didn’t think they would divorce .

  11. Kelly you may want to reconsider your divorce I took a coping class before a lot of people get divorce and it saved a lot of marriage s and I know that he is your soulmate and I see the love you both have for each other so please check into this class you go with your husband before you get divorce and after the class then it's okay I took the class but I still had to do what I had to do for my children and my self but I took the class before making any decision and I am just asking you to do the same thing I didn't ever think you two were ever thinking about divorce but if is so dry to talk about when you have children it'never be the same ever again he doed love you and if you take the time on yoi are him and go on a date or two just the both of you this is only my opinion and advise but it's ok if you don't because I know that divorce is harder on children and that is why it is important to take that class together to help your to get children through it

  12. Please y'all watch this back and listen to your own child !!! 💔 If her mom and daddy are getting a divorce and you don't think it's going to tear her little heart out you better think again !! #Tryharder #trycounceling #makeitwork

  13. Well my comment about river saying stop fighting being funny didn't age well at all…… Sad they're getting divorced

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