In another installment of “The River Rose Show,” Kelly Clarkson’s daughter River showcases an actual river on her family’s Montana ranch – and while simultaneously directing, too. The girl’s a natural!


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22 thoughts on “Kelly's Daughter River Rose Is Back With Her Own Talk Show | Digital Exclusive

  1. River is practicing to be a co-host for whenever meryl streep come on the show. We all know kelly will freak out hahaha so river can be a buffer or s/thing. Nice job river. You are too cute just like your mama.

  2. Gosh River is literally is like Kelly reincarnation or s/thing. She is just like her mother. Charming & funny & cute…look out kelly there's new host in town! Hahaha…too cute.

  3. Wish my almost 37 yr old daugther would have a baby. Im almost giving up😞 ny the time she decides i may b gone. Millenials r waiting soooo long now😳 river is adorable

  4. Awe! She is a pro already! I see TV show in Rivers future! Stay safe and enjoy that "ocean", we are in the desert of NM, but at least we live in the country!

  5. I need River Rose and John Krasinski to collaborate their good news shows ASAP, break the internet! ❤❤

  6. Well Mama, you better show your own Daughter's cute video on what youtube videos make you happy on your show!! Hugs from Wisconsin

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