LITTLE KELLY BUYS A NEW DAD? | Minecraft Royal Family

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45 thoughts on “LITTLE KELLY BUYS A NEW DAD? | Minecraft Royal Family

  1. little Kelly , you are my shine to my day.you make me wanna play Minecraft everyday.i love you so much you are the best. I try to watch you everyday.thx for inspering me.

  2. Little Kelly I like u its been 11 months since I checked on u remember I still like ur contents till the end

  3. Little kelly little Kelly guess what I subscribe to all you videos and I liked and tapped the bell on all my accounts IS IT AMAZING WATCHING HER VIDEOS????? HATERS BACK OFF😼

  4. Hey it's Bubba pigg and I really wanted to join all my life and got an idea why not make another Little Club and my name is Little Billy I'd all right if I name is the Little Club 😇😇😇😇 PS I'll try to send you my Minecraft character 😎😎😎

  5. Hi Little Kelly sorry for not watching for a bit I was busy in school and school work and can we have more Ben 10

  6. Hi me and my cousin [Riley] love you so much I love your voice and personality ~HI its me riley ive watched your vampire video xx love big fans

  7. Can you do one of you peeing your self don’t ask why but little Kelly did one of her pooing

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