Today we’re playing one of Adicards’s friends who recently started up a youtube channel of his own. He’s an extremely good Madden player which made this game a hard game for sure, but I got the upset in mind here, let’s see if I can pull it off!

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Madden 13 Online Gameplay – vs IAmiLLiNoiZe (Eagles vs Bengals) | cookieboy17


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40 thoughts on “Madden 13 Online Gameplay – vs IAmiLLiNoiZe (Eagles vs Bengals) | cookieboy17

  1. this dude is everything wrong with madden. cheesing with the eagles. WR's at TE, nano blitzing, always going for it on 4th. just awful!

  2. and cookie boy tip when ever yu play some1 who nano blitz either run a qb sneak or run ur offense outta shotgun

  3. LMAO he puts WRs at TE what a bitch only garbage players need gimmicks like that to win ill user snatch the fuck out of those plays

  4. no sense complaining over a game, right!? maybe we can get a commentary game in sometime man and shout each other out 🙂

  5. Hey cookie boy do you ever run toss plays? Singleback with 3 te. 1wr is a really good toss play…. Enjoy your vids….

  6. Hey Cookie… good game man! Illi is tough to play against. I beat him by one but that O is pretty dirty. And a PSA to everyone hating on Illi… it's a game… if the game allows you to do it… then you have to try and find some way to counter it…. in the end, it is only a game… I am not defending his play style… but it is what it is and you just have to live with it, even tho it's frustrating as hell haha 🙂

  7. Look. Did you know that the computer nanos? They kick squib kicks, they throw streaks, the only part is blocking kicks. Nothing is impossible to stop. Don't play the game if you will just complain.

  8. im sayin you coulda made the team matchups in this game closer. yea the overalls are similar but everyone knows the eagles r one of the cheapest teams in the game, use like the bills, jets, something like that smh

  9. @cookieboy17 i wanna play you on madden 13 i think i might give you your first online lose on youtube. if you wanna play me reply trust me im no scrub.

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