Minecraft-Little Kelly Adventures- DECORATING THE CASTLE! w/Little Carly & Sharky Adventures!

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26 thoughts on “Minecraft-Little Kelly Adventures- DECORATING THE CASTLE!

  1. Who is watching this in 2020 to repeat there childhood bc i am this is so nice for me to just remeber all the times when me and my sister “friend” would watch these like meh friend was carly and i was kelly

  2. I really thought way back yrs ago that they built all the things in the map. Now that I'm a teenager, I realized that they download these kinds of maps. Lol.

  3. I know it is like 5 years later but the order from best to least is Little Carly, Little Kelly, and, Sharky. No hard feelings Sharky but your room needed more colors

  4. What texture back is that castle I really want it but I have no money is it a few pack or does it cost money please tell me

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