Minecraft Royal Family-LIFE WITHOUT LITTLE KELLY!!

Little Carly finds out what life is like without Little Kelly in this tearful Minecraft Roleplay. Be sure to watch what happens next in this Minecraft Adventure.

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40 thoughts on “Minecraft Royal Family-LIFE WITHOUT LITTLE KELLY!!

  1. I think that you should cussing at them. Out kick them out of the castle for good.

  2. I don,t what to say but it upset me all but I can,t tell you little Carly and little Kelly sorry 😭

  3. i hate romona! and king tom! king tom have no care ni his real daughter's!little carly and little Kelly you should fight to romona!

  4. Who thinks little Carly and little Kelly should do this when it's night kill romana – luna – and Briny lol hahhahahha

  5. 10:00 Carly starts to sing. I instantly recognized the song and started to sing along! I love American Pie by Don McLean! I can't believe Carly knows it! 😸😸

  6. when the video stated little carlys computers battery was low because i heard the blubluum😂😂😂😂😅😅😅

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