Minecraft Skyscrapers!! In this episode of Minecraft Maps we take a look at the Teen Titans Go Skyscraper which is a replica of the skyscrapers from the Teen Titan Go tv show. Want more Minecraft Skyscrapers? Then like a like and share this video!!

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36 thoughts on “Minecraft Skyscrapers – TEEN TITANS TOWER V2! (Teen Titans Go) || Minecraft Maps & Mods

  1. there a episode of teen titans go when control freak show them that there a show

  2. Watch original Teen Titans and in the episode The End pt. 3 she says her Fav Color is Blue. it may be purple in teen titans go but it is Blue in Teen Titans of 2003

  3. Just a little info, Raven's favorite color isn't purple it's Blue. Watch Teen Titans The End part 3 and she says her favorite color is Blue. 😉

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