Teen Titans Tower and TINY Teen Titans House In Minecraft! This Minecraft video showcases the smallest house, 1x1x1 house built for the Teen Titans. It is the Teen Titans Tower! Shrunken down in just one block, with rooms for every member of the Teen Titans. Subscribe to see more amazing maps!

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Music by
+Kevin MacLeod

+Purple Planet Music

+Ben Sound

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50 thoughts on “MINECRAFT: Tiny Teen Titans Tower (1x1x1 ONE BLOCK HOUSE)

  1. This is the same build as the previous one but as a 1by 1 command block thing which is the new thing in minecraft

  2. twists what recorder app or device do you use to record videos on your phone love your videos

  3. I've been obsessed with miniature houses lately, and this is perfect because I LOVE Teen Titans (the original.) I think Beast Boy's room is my favorite. It just, to me, represents his style the best. Starfire's is my least favorite (though she's my favorite Titan), there's just… Too. Much. Pink. Honest to goodness I'm going to download this, but then get completely and utterly lost.

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