MY TEACHER IS AN EVIL VILLAIN! | Minecraft LK Undercover | Little Kelly Custom Roleplay Adventure

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46 thoughts on “MY TEACHER IS AN EVIL VILLAIN! | Minecraft LK Undercover | Little Kelly Custom Roleplay Adventure

  1. little kelly get sharky back and sucoba steve to do video with them and what happen to them because I miss your videos togetherand make one together with them.

  2. Hello little Kelly
    Thumbs up if you like little Kelly

    Also were did little Carly go.😢😥😐🇮🇹
    I love your videos I am a big big big FAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNN😍😍😍😍😘😍😎😎😎😎😺😸😹😇

  3. Who else is wondering what mod is this or is it a server and her other vids?
    Pls comment what mod or server is this because im bored in Minecraft -_-

  4. Who else know Kc undercover


  5. HI Lil Kelly iv watched all of your videos and liked most of then but can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do more Royal family videos with raven and little Carly.

  6. Not to be wierd and all but what happened to little carly?? Andd leo and raven andd the others yeahh😅

  7. Request: My teddy bear is real
    Little Kelly brings in a big box with stuff in it. When she was younger, she loved her teddy bear. She put her teddy bear in the box and takes the teddy out of the box. Little Kelly sleeps with her teddy bear that night and the teddy bear escaped and went to the station. The next morning, Little Kelly was surprised when she didn't see her teddy bear. Little Kelly ran of to the station and saw the bear out the window. Little Kelly was going inside and looked everywhere but couldn't find her bear. She ran as fast as she can and caught the bear. She turned the bear back to normal and the bear never moved for 4 hours.

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