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said i know that it’s somebody’s birthday tonight somewhere
and i know somebody’s gonna celebrate tonight somewhere
(i know) one things for sure
(im gonna put on my dancingshoes) then imma hit the door
(and go out and step the whole night through)

snap in the name of love (im gonna) snap in the name of love
(them im gonna) clap in the name of love (oh yeah) clap in the name of love
(im gonna step) step in the name oflove (whoooh),
step in the name of love (in the name of love)
groove in the name of love, groove in the name of love”

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30 thoughts on “R. Kelly – Step In The Name Of Love (The Video)

  1. Lets talk about the fact that r kellys victims were sold to him by their parents so whos really the bad one? I blame parents… Kelly there's older beautiful woman I just don't understand

  2. I had to get up and step I was feeling it. This help me feel better even though we going thru this virus .

  3. i disagree with everything r kelly has done since marrying aaliyah but if step in the name love comes on best believe i’m stepping – some tiktok guy

  4. If yiu can listen to his music without thinking of his actions, you should listen. But if it makes you feel uneasy, then don't.
    I'm fine listening to his music, without thinking of anything he done.

  5. Just love this video.All those wonderful steppers on the floor doing their thing in their own special way.Music joy.!!!💐🍷🌍📷🎹🎤🎼⛅👌🍹🌆👍🎧💋🌹🍸👍👍👍

  6. A most wonderful steppers groove,and get on the dance floor feel good classic.💐🍷🌍📷😎🌹🎧🎹🎤🎼⛅👍👌🍹🌆

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