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44 thoughts on “Realistic Minecraft – EVIL LITTLE KELLY TRAPS REAL KELLY!

  1. Omg i remember u lil Kelly I was in love with ur series in 2nd grade and I’ve kept watching ever since

  2. why would a baby do somethng evil little kelly you should trap evil little and her evil son be when youtrapping them put bedrock on the side of the trap and when you are done burn there caslte down!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Little Kelly – Dad Mom? Are you here?

    Little Kelly Also – Waves For No reason

    Me – Bro Can't you See there not There? Like Maybe there in Real life
    Hacking Your Videos 😎😎😎😎😎

  4. How did you get awakened from the first place you would have been this trouble if you want info that kid you knew she was going to go back to the little bed castle why did you not do that

  5. Hey I am a huge fan of your channel I love Minecraft dragons I really want to see daylights baby dragon please

  6. I know what little carly looks like in real life and i thought evil little kelly would have her tiny litte mini guards

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