Get a behind the scenes look at the taping of NBC’s ‘Hollywood Game Night’ Red Nose Day episode featuring interviews from Kelly Clarkson, Kristen Bell, Jennifer Garner, and Jane Lynch. They share the importance of Red Nose Day and laughter. Get ready for more fun and games as “Hollywood Game Night” returns with all new episodes, an all-star cast, a cool new beach house and Emmy & Golden Globe Award-winning host Jane Lynch at the helm this summer.

This season, Lynch will welcome everyone to her sleek, new beach house, which includes a roomy back yard that allows for even bigger, more active games. In addition to some classic favorites, Jane is introducing several new games, such as “Jane’s Pool Jamz,” in which players identify a song that has been altered from its original recording and then must wade through a ball pit to press the buzzer, and “What’s The Scoop,” in which teammates work together to stack as many oversized ice cream scoops on a giant cone as possible in 90 seconds. #HollywoodGameNight #RedNoseDayUSA #RedNoseDay #KellyClarkson #KristenBell #JenniferGarner #JaneLynch #NBC


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7 thoughts on “Red Nose Day 2019 (NBC) Kelly Clarkson, Kristen Bell, Jennifer Garner & Jane Lynch [HD]

  1. I watched this episode, assuming that KBell's semi-psychotic behavior (where competition is involved) would be the highlight of the evening (I adore when she's being her quirky, offbeat self. But I really love that she seems to lose all sense of decorum & tact in 3 seconds flat, when playing any game, with any person, for any reason).
    What I didn't expect was Kelly Clarkson to be such a pyscho!!! I thought I would die from laughing when she shoved poor Jennifer Garner into that ball pit! And Jennifer Garner's weary response is: "That Kelly Clarkson is no joke"… So funny!!!

  2. So Gonna watch this episode of Red Nose Day..
    Kelly Clarkson with her competitiveness, her personality and her voice… Plus Jennifer Garner and Kristen Bell is there too…
    think this would be chaos and fun 🙂

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