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Another HP origins video this time for Severus Snape. Includes The Princes Tale and so much more! All hail “The Half-Blood Prince!

More HP origins on the way! Comment what you want to see next!

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20 thoughts on “Severus Snape Origins Explained (Childhood to Death)

  1. IMPORTANT: Unfortunately I had to edit the last few lines out due to copyright, so the final words are no longer there but here's what it said: "He couldn't comprehend Snape's multi…Love" "He was the bravest man I've ever known"-Harry

  2. Bro you forgot the battle were Snape beat Harry Potter's father and his friends alone in a duel and then Harry Potter's mom showed up and stop the fight and learned that it was Harry Potter's father who started. Then gave Snape a hug after you apologize and went on their way.

  3. Does anyone notice that lili’s hair is red and james’s too but harry’s hair is black so idk

    Plot twist:harry’s father is snapee

  4. I don’t think it was Snape’s love for lily that made him a good person it was how he risked his life every time Voldemort question’s him of his loyalty and that in tern is what made Harry forgive Snape

  5. So basically in Harry Potter; if your parents arent the weasley your parents are bs and most likely going to ruin your childhood(or dead you choose): Draco, Petunia, Voldemort,…

  6. I think and will always mean it, snape love Harry in his own way, because of his mother. Because of his love for Lily – but I couldn’t show it.

  7. Snapes childhood was unfair but he will all ways be remembered as the bravest man I ever new.

  8. I hate harry I hate his dad I don’t give a crap if he “matured” in his seventh year James is a a hole and so is his son

  9. I don’t understand how anyone could hate Snape and love Voldemort at the same time. People argue that Snape was abusive, and terrible person and the fact that he loved lily doesn’t change that and that he cannot be redeemed. But of course Voldemort’s a great character because he resented people and bullied them just because he can. First of all Snape is a grey character and we are allowed to love him both ways. The way he treated Neville and Hermione was terrible of course but for some reason I still like him for being a total killjoy. I think Snape is really cool and yes Draco Malfoy is still adored in spite of being a total jerk to Neville, Hermione, Ron, Harry and many others. (I love Draco Malfoy and Voldemort as much as y’all I’m just trying to prove my point)

  10. When I watched Deathly Hallows and learned about his Biography, I cried because I look into a person like Snape. Fun fact that I learned from him is his bday is the same as my mother's. I don't judge him terribly I knew how intelligent and lonely he was and I empathize him.

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