Part 1 of making the Titan Tower from the original Teen Titan TV Show. This took me 3hrs 20minutes (as shown by the length of the original video) to create. I recommend watching on 2x Speed.

This was through a lot of trial and error for I haven’t watched Teen Titans in years and there aren’t any good references. I omitted some of the floors/rooms since I am limited to 4 floors on The Sims 4.

I was able to make due with the restrictions I had and made it resemble the T-Tower as best as I could and I thoroughly enjoyed making this. I am satisfied with how it came out, though I wish I owned more furniture that could correctly replicate the bedrooms.

Note: This Video has no music what-so-ever. There is no excuse. I simply forgot. It took me about 1-2hours to edit just this one part because the program I use freezes/lags a lot. I promise to put in better music for the next part(s).

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6 thoughts on “[Sims 4] Making The Teen Titan Tower Part 1

  1. you could at least put some RELAXING background music and when i say relaxing i dont mean something fast and upbeat like maybe a remix version of the teen titans theme song

  2. Srry To say it but it doesn't look like this u forgot the elevator and many more and u need to make it thinner and taller than that just watch a video and see how it rlly looks like and then make it. Hope u will make it better next time. Good luck

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