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49 thoughts on “Super Bowl 52 FULL Game: New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles

  1. As a Patriots fan this hurt, but my God what an amazing game. I'm glad Philly got their SB, but why did Wentz get credit? It was all Foles. Wentz is overrated.

  2. U can watch belichick . He wasn't in this game. He made no coverage audibles. No nothing. He sat there speakless left his coaching staff and team out to fend for themselves. This was personal towards Tom Brady. He wanted Tom gone and said well if you win Tommy you'll win it on your own and 505 wasn't enough because Billy B the GREAT WAS A NO SHOW ! THIS WAS INTENTIONAL AND BRADY KNOWS IT. THATS WHY HE NOW IS GONE. Playing for a coach that shows appreciation and let's his players know there appreciated and not alone. I'm kinda sad but glad also because Billy B and his greatness will be exposed for riding Brady's coat tail for 20 seasons. My opinion he won't win another conference or SB appearance in the rest of his coaching life. Go Brady thank you for 20 GREAT YEARS.

  3. Sure we all know this was a phenomenal game. but the best part of this is knowing EDP445 was somewhere in this crowd

  4. We watched it last night on my brothers DVR… Man oh man it just takes ya RIGHT BACK, to the overwhelming and emotional EXCITEMENT and pure happiness… I mean we've watched it more then a few times since we won and it's just awesome to not have the STRESS and worry and DREAD when they get the ball back w 2 minutes, and that here we go again Brady taking em down the field feeling creeps in haha My man BG with that strip sack, I jumped for joy watching it again last night lol The last GD play of the game was up for grabs… Friggin amazing! I know us Philly fans are hella biased, but that was LEGIT one of the most entertaining and competitive Superbowls EVER!!
    Go Birds, Philly Philly! 🦅🏈❤️

  5. I dont care how many times you rewind this, this ball is out, that whistle has not blown, that should have been a fumble.1:50:49

  6. 1:04:37 You hear Foles say "Philly Special" In the Huddle live on National TV. No one could have known what the hell it meant though!! UNLESS YOU FILM OTHER TEAMS PRACTICES!!!! But who would do such a thing? #Asterisk

  7. Hey NFL, you show Malcolm Butler crying but you dont show the replays and discussion on the Malcom Jenkins knock out hit on Branon Cooks? What are you heading toward?

  8. 1:15:24






  9. I have seen the Patriots have some poor defensive performances over the years, but usually those were in the regular season not in the playoffs and usually to a mobile QB, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson even Alex Smith. This was worse the worst defensive performance I have ever seen by the Patriots and by Bill Belichick and whatever game plan he drew up. In my opinion this loss comes close to the undefeated season in 2007 when they lost that Superbowl because if they had won this one against the Eagles they could have had a 3 Peat.

  10. It’s funny how these salty CHEATriot fangirls like to cry about how the philly special was an illegal formation yet they forgot that Jesse James didn’t lose control of the ball and that Myles Jack wasn’t down LMAO

  11. That Ertz touchdown is just about the easiest call I've ever seen. What the hell are the commentators going on about? He has clear possession before taking two steps and breaking the plane with nothing remotely like loss of possession. It has nothing in common with the Jesse James call, whichever way you felt about that rule.

  12. The pregame intros aren't included in this video so technicality the moment the Eagles won the Super Bowl is before this video even starts

  13. I'm a Giants fan and I hate the Eagles but I like seeing the NFCE beat up on Brady yet again. Carson Wentz is done.

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