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34 thoughts on “Top 10 Overused Songs In Movies And TV

  1. How many people thought ,"There's a bad moon On The Rise " WAS " There's A Bathroom on the right?" HA! I did :/

  2. Mojo like I always say, U NEVER disappoint ! & if U do I will tell the truth! I LOVE ALL MOJO VIDEOS 🙂 SOO MUCH FUN!!!

  3. Eye of the Tiger should have been on this list. It's played way way way too much when some guy is getting stronger.

  4. Y'all put "Somebody to Love" by Jefferson Airplane but it was "White Rabbit"
    Somebody to Love WOULD be a great honorable mention tho

  5. some these songs you can NEVER OVERUSE!!!! Lowrider, Watchtower,Bad to the Bone,.. and where's Yello's OH YEAH

  6. Sweet Home Alabama is the only song about the south that Hollywood knows about? No… It's just the only good one.

  7. You forgot the most iconic scene in cinema – CPR Training in The Office uses Staying Alive. You should have included that in the example

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