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Hello and welcome to What Da Math!

In this video, we will talk about the Sirius, we will try to recreate its system and talk a bit about the Dogon people that believe in extraterrestrial people from that star. Siriusly.

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38 thoughts on “Universe Sandbox 2/Space Engine – Sirius and The Dogon

  1. Yep Caveman thinking again! So a group of white Skin westerners came along and taught the dogons about the Sirius Star system and then disappeared and came back hundreds of years later trying to figure out how the dogons knew what they the westerners didn't know about the Sirius Star system?!! That ain't making any sense at all!! Seems like the westerners (a.k.a) code word for white scientists has devolved not evolved while having their scientific memories some how magically wipe out some where down the line than!!! First of all the dogons told you westerners half truth to throw you off! Do you think all tribes on earth share all of their secrets to strangers! Even the Masons don't share all of their secrets to the rest of society!!! The Dogons is a secret society of their own!!! Think you Euro-Nut!!!👀👁👃🏿👁

  2. I’m glad you mentioned that Sirius is a tri Star system per the dogon’s. They did confirm the 3rd I believe not until the 80’s. You never her about the 3rd star. I read they celebrate every 50 years. The dogon tribe along with other remote African tribes said they came from a planet orbiting Sirius B to mars and from mars to earth in a time before the moon. note. Your full of shit saying the dogon learned their knowledge from the europeans how can you even suggest that…if your providing bad information regarding this subject I’m starting to question all the previous information you’ve provided. I happen to know a lot about the star Sirius and the dogon tribe and if I didn’t know better and Watched this I’d have the facts tucked up

  3. This is maybe a crazy idea, but what if there have been a name mix up, and the real Sirius of the Dogons was Stella Polaris?

  4. For a people who didn't know "Sirius B" existed sure know more about this star then the people who FIRST told them about it.. You people didn't even know how to wash your ass. Let alone tell an advanced people about anything


  6. @11:29 Maybe every sixty years the three stars line up in some form of an eclipse?
    maybe something you could work out in the simulator?

  7. How can Sirius even have an Earth like planet if that star system is only 200 million yrs old? I thought it took over a billion yrs just for primitive life to evolve on a planet?

  8. What I am trying to figure out, is in which direction is Sirius going? Our Solar System is heading in the direction away from Sirius. I have studied that our Sun has been traveling away from Sirius, and our Solar System is in the same trajectory with the direction away from Sirius, toward Vega. Thousands of years ago as the Egyptians were closer to Sirius, they saw and built the pyramids as they were instructed by the system of Orion (orions belt). Sirius, the Dog star, the Egyptians had drawn their leader with a dog head. So as we are leaving the Sirius system, we are now heading closer to Alpha Centauri, but in the trajectory toward Vega. Sirius brought visitors to Earth years ago, but we are going in a direction away from them toward Vega.

  9. @13:05 “They’re [Dogons] not even really sure which star is Sirius in the sky.”
    @3:48 Universe Sandbox has “no simulation for Sirius”.
    What percentage of people in the world have ever heard of Sirius, let alone would be able to point it out for you?

  10. Given that whatever knowledge the Dogon people possess was passed down by oral tradition, the inconsistencies you mention may have crept into their story like Chinese whispers. That doesn’t make the fact that they know anything about it at all ASTONISHING. Seems like much more than coincidence. Why would they even begin, or bother to fashion such a mythology?
    Hello to Dr. Carl Sagan, where ever you are.

  11. The ancients also worshipped Saturn the original 🌞 this is all wrap together a wheel inside a wheel.

  12. Don't speculate STUPIDITY without verifying FOR SURE concerning the Dogon people and why they left Egypt.

  13. I hear a lot of dissing the dogon people. Maybe, just maybe you've had it wrong, the fact that the dogon people new so much about sirus. And we have only recently just found out about the 3 star system

  14. What is this man talking about. How could you white people of taught dogan people, please they have been doing this before white man seen a black man. White people always trying to take credit. How could dogan be wrong when white man never heard of sirius before. Always trying to take something from us, and thats a FACT😡

  15. I don't know if the Doggon found out from Egyptians or the Nommos, but I have a strong feeling the mystery is based on facts and the Nommos did exist and did come from Sirius. I say this with some confidence because I imagined up the word Nommo (based on sounds I liked) as a channel name & typed it into google, and the doggon came up. In the doggon language it means "the power of the spoken word" which was why I wanted to create a channel… It led me to Sirius, and the Dogon legend of the "2 pairs of twins". I already met my twin flame, which I never would have believed in a year ago… I know I sound nuts. 🙂 No point to talk about stuff that others have not experienced themselves (yet, hopefully) since no one will believe you anyways. But yes life exists in the universe. And what we do affects them. 😊🧡 so be kind to yourself.

  16. You taught them about nothing. They knew it before the Europeans went therw. Who do you think build the pyramids of Egypt ?

  17. Well Saturn is visible to the naked eye, so them knowing about it isn'tsurprising, since even ancients Indians used to worship 9 planets, among which two are sun and moon, and 2 aren't really planets, that solar and lunar eclipse, but rest were planets up to Saturn, beyond which you can't see planets with naked eye.

  18. Before the current calendar, they were only ten months. Two less months would have made a year a little bit shorter. I haven't done the math, but maybe that would add up to 60 years. Even so, we don't know what a year was to them.

  19. Dude I would looove to brief you a lot better on the topic or you can check out the source they refer to. Fogon are decendants of Egyptian Preist. Ra is the Alien who used Solar Sail tec having traveled here EONS ago. The Solar Boat Of Ra! Details of the 1st Human to encounter him is the Origin of Isis. Then we get a time table for his travels and there is the precision manufacturing of Egypt itself. Surfaces at 100th an inch. Diamond tool cuts etc. Think about it homie (and yes the Planet could have been ejected by now thus the end of the near by interstellar relationship.

  20. This whole sirius Bs about an alien civilization who thought the people OMG get over it. there is no posible way to live a habbitted life on a withe dwarf. even for advanced technologcly equiped alien spices. So this whole thing is just a sience fiction about the people of sirius. Its not real and it never bee. just to quote the narrator. it couses mental issues 😀 clearly we see how many people are now suffering from dellusional mental issues thanx to sirius 😀

  21. Sirius is part of all that God created and everything in heaven.   It is only a matter of time, but God has revealed in the Qur'an 1441 years that there is a syllabus. It shows the power of God

    وانه هو رب الشعرئ

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